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Welcome to the ForgetImpossible Wiki!

This wiki is designed to rethink everything.

A wiki is a website that allows collaborative editing of its content and structure by its users.

Wikipedia is a wiki focused on the facts and on what people can agree on.

Forgetimpossible is a whole new vision entirely.

Our aims are simple and clear:

We engage discussions that turn around the ship of humanity and put it on a wholly different course

We throw away all tired conclusions and elevate the conversation of the individual and the species to a new level of engagement

We open that conversation to all mankind

But we do it, while recognizing the challenges before us are not technological nor technical. They are relatively straightforward and the innovative faculty in man can rise above and surmount all of those hurdles.

No, the real challenge here is a social one. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. We have massacred the earth. For not one single good reason. Simply because we ran before we could walk.

So now we invite a deeper level of introspection:

Contemplation means:

the action of looking thoughtfully at something for a long time.

What we do here is administered by us - the founders of sutranovum. We have placed all our faith in a quality of trust that has never failed us.

There is an arrow within all that confidently winds its way to the heart of all darknesses and lights up all pain with the glow of a new and stunning light.

Trust is the most important thing in life.

You can be a billionaire or a homeless person, without trust though you are the epitome of poverty.

Trust frees the mind. Nothing else can do that. Think on it. Nothing.

So we ask you to trust. Not in money. Not in some god in a distant heaven nor in another strand of atheism or some other clever ism that evades, evades, evades and so continues overlooking what truly matters.

Not in this religion or that political party. No, in something much much deeper than all of that infinitely shallow stuff:

We ask that you trust in a larger process here. One that is destined to change the destiny of humanity itself.

We ask that you, first and foremost trust In your own goodness, in a deeper river of abundance that lies at the very depths of the deepest heart of our humanity.

There is an old practice of cleaning gums from India. It is called oil pulling. One ingests takes some oil into the mouth and one swills it around and the oil sucks out the toxins lurking in the gums and cavities. Then you spit that into the soil, cover it up with more soil and it is processed by the earth.

Similarly, Forgetimpossible pulls out all the poisons of our pointless pretenses that protect our pain mechanism, that ensnare in the lies that binds us to an utterly unnecessary poverty and a fake abundance. As individuals, as families, as families of nations, and as a species.

A note from our founder, Nathan Curry:

Here's to the sane ones, the fully fitted, the wholly quiet, the sealed, those who have outgrown all boxed holes, the ones who see clearly,....they are not bound by rules and nor do they seek to so confine others.

The human race is pushed downward through them. Not backward, not upward, but to the place of stillness where the secret of greatest movement lies.

And in the seat of that grounded place, they discover a seed. A seed entrusted to them to plant. Because the ones who are wise enough to know that the flower does not chase the bee, rather the flower blooms, and the bee comes, are the ones through whom the world is irrevocably changed.

Nathan Curry

If you are so inspired, please join forgetimpossible wiki.

As we release ourselves from the mental slavery that binds, in turn we are called to see that truth in the hologram of ourselves pushed out in others.

As you are called to engage in this wiki know that it’s focus is to end all needless poverty, pain and lies on this beautiful planet, and it’s purpose is to plant a new and beautiful tree in the garden. A life giving tree that gives all to all and with no sense of lack as its central position.

We are watching from a watchtower that is not fearful nor pretentious but engaged wholeheartedly in seeding a new earth, here and now.

As you learn to trust in the process now initiated, we have every faith every single apparent problem on the face of this glorious planet shall be undone by the penetration of a levity that knows no bounds. We shall look back at the transformative work of forgetimpossible wiki and recognize in the burnt ashes of our old conclusions, the beauty of a new garden now seeded and soon to blossom.

We use a central authorization system with one goal and one goal only: to set man free.

Please sign up and you will learn of how this works as we go confidently forward.

To find the confidence we speak of one must swallow the bitter medicine of ones flaws and grow from the digestion of that tonic.

That is the way of this path.

A vast all encompassing vital and important path where impossible no longer applies.

The thinking that informs forgetimpossible

Is going to

A new economy

* How we actually end poverty

A new medicine

- How we actually end cancer

A new level of amity

* How we actually end war


*The returned clouds and the lush vegetation of the Sahara and the Sinai

* America’s topsoils - a thousand inches deep

The path to free energy

And the path beyond that

How to feed the planet

How to provide free energy to the planet

This Fertile Earth

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